Esoteric  Meditations use Mantra, Mudra & Visualisation to guide you from an ordinary state of consciousness into a higher state. Esoteric Mantras use Ancient Sanskrit Phrases to focus & calm the mind. These Ancient  tools can be used any time throughout the day. They help us remain present, aware, & have greater choice.

They are profoundly effective in helping with:

  • Increased Focus Increased Productivity in your work
  • Reduced stress, worry, and anxiety.
  • Increased inner stability, wellbeing & resilience
  • Greater ability to relax. Improved mood and emotional wellbeing.
  • Strengthened decision making & memory.
  • Can improve interpersonal relationships.
  • Greater appreciation of simple things in life.
  • Increased immunity and physical wellbeing.
  • Assists with our relationship to emotional pain.
  • Assists with our relationship to physical pain.

    Practice 10 minutes or more a day   More Info: + 353 ( 0) 894717922

What Will Practicing Meditation Do For Me?
Learn and practice Esoteric Hanmi Meditations  to easily enter higher states of consciousness and grow spiritually.

  • Rapid advancement is common and most people notice results within days.
  • Feel empowerment and blessing flowing to and through you from this 2500+ year old unbroken lineage of awakened masters.
  • With regular practice of these meditations go consistently into higher and deeper states of awareness. Increasingly experience centeredness, stillness, clarity, and flow.
  • Your own compassion/wisdom nature will increasingly emerge to guide your life with deepening joy, ease, love, and insight.
  • Your growing enthusiasm, happiness, discernment, and care in action will naturally help you increase your ability to help yourself and help others, overcome obstacles, and increase prosperity and luck.
  • Naturally heal and strengthen the body, mind, and spirit.
  • Have more energy and vitality.

    “When your mind enters a certain state, then your body produces a kind of light. Buddhists call this the ‘Self or Inner Light.’ When the Self or Inner Light appears, it can excite the innate abilities of the body. Every kind of energy within the body brought forth in this manner can fight against aging, resist all kinds of illnesses, and open up one’s wisdom.” [Living Buddha Dechan Jueren]

The Esoteric School teaches practices to know yourself, heal yourself, and change yourself, whether you are new to meditation or a long time meditator. You don’t have to “be a Buddhist” to use and benefit from these ancient techniques that unleash the power of our consciousness. “The more you want to be able to help others, the more you need to be able to help yourself. The more you want to be able to change the world, the more you need to be able to change yourself.” “The Esoteric School teaches the ways to attain enlightenment in this lifetime, in this body… Dechan Jueren”.

Empowered Meditation CDs are available for the foundation meditations and a number of the healing meditations .

Esoteric School Healing Practices Workshops are available for healers who want to continue expanding their ability to help others, and those who would like to receive empowerment and training to become healers.
“To be able to help heal and alleviate others of their illness and disasters, you must have a strong body and mental toughness, unaffected by obstacles or the conditions of the environment. Only then will you have the energy and strength to free others from their suffering. “- Living Buddha Dechan Jueren.

Having just emerged after over 1100 years underground, this lineage and its powerful practices are just becoming known again. We welcome those new to meditation, and experienced meditators committed to the path of spiritual growth, greater compassion/happiness, and wisdom. The more experience and “level” people have, the more they love these practices because they can quickly realize how powerful and effective they really are.

You can quickly move along the path of spiritual awakening.

Meditation CD’s 

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Beauty Yoga CD
True beauty originates from the heart and is natural. These days our environment, technology and foods continually expose us to contaminates. This causes different kinds of blemishes to form on our sensitive skin. Here is a way to nurture youthful appearance and skin using mantra, mudra, and visualization. Practice only ten minutes a day.

Balance Weight CD
Technological advancement continues to improve productivity and abundance in our food supply. However, changes in food production and consumption have also brought great health challenges and mental suffering. You can maintain a healthy, balanced weight through the integrated practice of the Three Mysteries. Practice only ten minutes a day.

Diabetes Self Healing CD
These days, the number of people who suffer from diabetes continues to increase. At the same time, very few true Diabetes healing methods are available. Western medicine has been largely ineffective in treating diabetes and often does not relieve a patients’ suffering. Within a short period of time, many people using this meditation practice have been able to control the disease or even enable their body to regenerate health. The success rate for a study group in China reached 93.77%. Of course, one has to practice diligently. Here is a way of training the mind to free one’s self of suffering through natural spiritual healing.

Calcium Enrichment CD
Calcium deficiency leads to many illnesses, for example, high blood pressure, high blood lipid, diabetes, stomach cramps, irregular periods, easily prone to fatigue, insomnia, nausea, headaches and many bone related diseases. When the mind is free of biases, it is beyond duality and thus one is renewed and reborn. So, as our rejuvenating function improves, our food naturally provides nutrients we need, and the calcium can naturally nourish our body.

Clear Vision 1000 Hands & 1000 Eyes Meditation CD

Eyes, sight and perception bring convenience to life. They can also become a source of suffering. Eye problems, such as trachoma, cataracts, glaucoma, near-sightedness, far-sightedness, etcetera, have brought discomfort to the life of many. Since the advent of televisions and computers, many people’s eyes have received a certain amount of damaging bombardment. This can eventually bring a catastrophe to people’s lives. This meditation practice is transmitted for clear vision, and as a Wisdom Eye opener.

Self Healing for Various Illnesses Meditation CD

Everyone wants good health. Illnesses can bring great pain and suffering. Everyone who is ill longs for a way to be truly free of illness. Hanmi, Chinese Esoteric practice, brings a convenient method based on the Integrated Practice of the Three Mysteries to all health aspirants. This is a short yet very effective meditation practice that stimulates ones own natural self-healing ability

. “Medicine Buddha Song” Music CD

Hymn to the Lapis Lazuli Light Tathagata – Medicine Buddha. Composed and sung by Living Buddha Dechan Jueren. Listen to this music to benefit from its spiritually healing qualities. Play this CD in the background as you relax or quietly while sleeping to receive healing benefits. You can also place a piece of cloth over the speakers or between headphones while the music is being played. After the cloth has absorbed the vibration of the music for a while, place the cloth over the area of the body that needs healing. Let that vibration be absorbed by the body to reduce pain and promote healing. After a while place the cloth back on the speaker again while the music is playing to re-energize it.

Medicine Buddha Dharma Workshop

Practice the Ancient Medicine Buddha Meditation using Mantra, Mudra, and Visualization. Chant the Sanskrit Medicine Buddha Mantra to Connect with the Medicine Buddha for Spiritual Self Healing, Protection, and Prevention of Illness and Disease, as well as to Extinguish Disaster, Extend Life, and Bring Forth Good Luck.

Learn simple and effective techniques to bless and purify food, air, and water. Immediately taste the difference and sense a high vibration in the food using your hands. The change in tap water and other drinks you have purified will amaze you.

Receive an Abhisheka Empowerment (through pouring of holy water on your crown or a specially empowered pendant) which will give you a link to this entire lineage of awakened masters. You will receive blessing and empowerment from the lineage masters (ascended masters) as you help yourself and as you help others. Many healers have found that the Abhisheka Empowerment greatly enhances their healing abilities, as well as their level of accomplishment when performing their present spiritual practices. The Medicine Buddha Meditation is an effective tool which helps people clear karma, and clear themselves as necessary if they are doing healing for others. These practices have been handed down through an unbroken lineage of Enlightened Masters for thousands of years.

Learn the Medicine Buddha Pagoda Healing technique for use in healing individuals and groups facing very serious illnesses and potentially life threatening infectious diseases.

“When your mind enters a certain state, then your body produces a kind of light. Buddhists call this the ‘Self or Inner Light.’ When this Self or Inner Light appears, it can excite the innate abilities of the body. Every kind of energy within the body brought forth in this manner can fight against aging, resist all kinds of illnesses, and open up one’s wisdom.” [Living Buddha Dechan Jueren]

“After the Medicine Buddha class my [psychic] friend that can see said: I see all these old Asian Guys looking over you”! “I started chanting the Medicine Buddha mantra while seeing patients and energy healing spontaneously became a part of my practice after that”. S.E Chiropractor Los Angeles

“When I am at my computer, working on a project, and unsure how to proceed, I chant a few mantras, connect with Master Yu and the Buddhas and information me.” M.R.

“Recently someone did a reading for me and said he saw a Buddhist monk with me. I know it was Master Yu” G.G

“After taking the Medicine Buddha class and a couple of other classes I have been able to feel the Masters of the lineage helping me when I do healing for others. They have also helped me keep progressing spiritually”. D.G.

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