Meditation Teachers

Vajra Acharya Mary P O Connor

   + 353 (0)  89 4717922       corkhanmi@gmail.com

Mary P is an Artist, She met Yu Tian Jian/ Dechan Jueren  the Lineage Holder of the Hanmi Esoteric School in London in 2007 and experienced meditation for the first time. At the time Mary had a  number of chronic health issues .

” Practicising  Esoteric Mantra Mindfulness Meditations has greatly improved my health, my Arthritis has gone and I almost never need antibiotics now. My mood is much better and having suffered from Clinical Depression for most of my life it is amazing NOT to be depressed & to be able to pass on to other people these teachings which have so profoundly changed my life”

Mary began to study with Master Yu and  was ordained Vajra Acharya or Empowered Teacher in China in 2010. Mary divides her time teaching in Ireland , Europe & the UK.


Douglas Sutton

Douglas Sutton: + 1 626 -736-5210  sayhellotodouglas@yahoo.com

Vajra Acharya & Vice Abbot Dari Rulai Temple Los Angeles

Douglas divides his time teaching in the US, Europe, UK and Asia

From a young age Douglas has felt compassion for those who were suffering, including our mother earth and all her creatures. At University he studied psychology, philosophy and sociology, wishing to understand the roots of our suffering and how we can create a more harmonious world. This was when he was introduced to Eastern philosophy and began to study Massage and Consciousness Based Healing.

Douglas met Enlightened Buddhist Master Yu Tian Jian, 49th Lineage holder of the Chinese Esoteric Buddhist School in 2000. After witnessing Master Yu Tian Jian perform a number of extraordinary healings Douglas became an Initiate/Diciple and began to study these methods . Douglas was blessed to live with and travel with Master Yu both in the US and China.

Douglas lived in China for 8 years, spending time with the great Masters in temples in Inner Mongolia and South West China.

Douglas met and received blessings from a number of Enlightened Buddhist Masters. Exposure to the language and culture of China nourished a growing appreciation for the many strands of wisdom and knowledge that are bound together in traditional Chinese culture. The experience of day to day living in China also taught Douglas to have greater flexibility and non judgement.

Today Douglas’ mission is to embody Buddhist and Taoist spiritual wisdom and empower others by teaching them ancient wisdom and healing practices. Douglas teaches profound meditation and healing methods that have been passed down through an unbroken lineage of enlightened masters for thousands of years.


Dan Kendall


 Abbot of the Dari Rulai Temple in Los Angeles   www.dari-rulai-temple.org

Public Teaching Schedule of Vajra Acharya Dan Kendall is available here, he is constantly traveling to visit his disciples so check with your local Hanmi contact





Orla Horgan         




Deirdre Devally        www.claremeditation.com +353 (0) 87-3922538  deirdredevally@gmail.com

Deirdre Devally (De-Lian) is an initiated disciple of Hanmi Esoteric Buddhism.  Trained in Reiki, Bio-energy and Medicine Buddha Healing Techniques, Deirdre came to Hanmi Buddhism in Ennis, Co. Clare in 2009.  Following an initial period of receiving healing from other initiated practitioners, Deirdre found the benefit of Hanmi so immense that she knew this was the form of healing and meditation she wanted to be able to offer to others.

Deirdre spent two years, (2012-2013) at Dari Rulai Temple, Los Angeles, receiving further training from her teacher, Abbot Dan Kendall, with the opportunity to work on others daily at the Temple Healing Services and participate in Dharma Rites; prayer services to assist living and deceased.

She is a published writer, in the journalistic and creative fields and has had work broadcast on RTE Radio 1. She sang with the internationally renowned “Lindsay Singers” for 15 years, sings with “Suara” in Ennis and has begun writing her own songs.

Initially qualified in Hotel Management and Business Studies and with a post-Graduate Diploma in Women’s Studies, she integrates her creative experience in her creativity classes.  She offers the 13 week programme “The Artist’s Way”, for all those who want to recover their authentic selves and live more creatively and joyfully.  She’s serious about not taking herself too seriously…..knowing that a sense of the absurd is a great antidote to the rampaging ego!


Vajra Acharya  Helen Angel   hrm.angel@yahoo.com

Dr Helen Angel is a Medical Doctor and practising GP in the UK and a Holistic Health Coach internationally online. She teaches Hanmi meditation as part of her health coaching practice Helen studied with Master Yu in China in 2010 was ordained Vajra Acharya ( Diamond Teacher) by Master Yu.

Helen is a pioneer in integrative medicine and encourages and supports her clients to live a healthy lifestyle that they enjoy and that enhances their lives .

Health coaching makes it easy to make healthy choices that suit the individual. She finds meditation helps her clients relax, sleep better, reduce stress,improve digestion, lose weight and reverse diabetes.

“ I had done lots of meditation before meeting Master Yu. Hanmi takes meditation and healing to a whole new level. It is powerful, easy and interesting. There is such variety I continue to learn more and more. My clients can go into deep awareness quickly with wonderful results. “

Helen is qualified as a family health doctor and a community health doctor. She has worked internationally in many countries both medically and in health development work in many countries. She worked for UNICEF for several years. She is a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist, an Emotional Healing Therapist and a member of the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine

Dr Helen Angel – Health and Wellbeing Website coming soon

Sarah Yaap

Jules Gibson-Cranch & Jim Gibson-Cranch

julia3636@sky.com     www.compassionateheart.weebly.com


 Jules Gibson-Cranch
(Zhi-dun – wisdom, honesty & sincerity)

Jules is a qualified psychiatric nurse who works with children and adults experiencing emotional difficulties. After a life changing move to Wales in 2015, to work in harmony with the land.  She has been moving along a spiritual path for many years and her journey has given study to both Wicca and Esoteric Buddhism.  Jules teaches with an empathic and friendly style which supports all those who attend the sessions.

Jules has been offering healing and counselling for many years, and incorporates techniques from western medical culture, psychology, Wicca, Buddhism, and Reiki.  After spending 5 months training in China in 2010, Jules was ordained as a Vajracharya by her teacher, Dharma King Dechan Jueren.  Jules is also an authorised Master & Teacher of Usui Reiki Ryoho and offers treatments and training in this discipline.  Jules has been teaching Reiki for over ten years, and has received a wide range of positive comments and feed back about the sessions that she runs.  She also makes a life time commitment to her students, always being available to them for support and advice.  In addition, Jules organises healing shares and other events to ensure that those on the path can get regular ‘top ups’ and meet like minded people.  These shares are so popular that a local hall is used to ensure that everyone can fit in!

Jules has lived in Essex and in particular the Dengie peninsular for much of her life.  With her beloved Jim, she has now moved to west Wales were she hopes to finally settle.  She has beautiful children and grandchildren, that continue to give blessing and joy to her daily.  She sees her self as extremely fortunate and blessed to have found in her beloved husband Jim, a supportive and spiritual union.


Jim Gibson-Cranch
(Zhi-yan – prolong the Dharma linage)

Jim has always had a keen interest in Shamanic (Native American) practices and has studied for many years, the relationship between nature and man.  His spiritual journey has deepened with his study of Esoteric Buddhism and the use of Mudra, Mantra and Visualisation.   Jim is a certified Reiki Master and after spending 5 months training in China in 2010, Jim was also ordained as a Vajracharya by his teacher, Dharma King Dechan Jueren.
Jim is a strong practitioner and compassionate healer. He offers several weekly meditation and healing sessions and other regular workshops in Shamanic practices to support others on their own spiritual journey.Jim was born in Devon and has a deep affinity with the outdoors.  He is blessed with beautiful children and grandchildren who continue to give him boundless joy.