Cork Chinese New Year 2021

Closing Ceremony Sunday February 28, 2021 6:00 PM VIRTUAL DRAGON DANCE: JOAN DENISE MORIARTY SCHOOL OF DANCECork’s Joan Denise Moriarty School of Dance have created a Virtual Dragon dance which will close the Cork Chinese New […]

1000-Light & An Tai Sui Dharma Rites

For an Auspicious & Prosperous Year: LIVE Online Event 13th February 2021 Extinguish Spiritual Obstacles, Alleviate Disasters and Suffering.Register before February 7th Make Peace with the Forthcoming Year… In Chinese astrology every year is governed by […]

Spiritual Protection

Advanced Abhisheka-Empowered Workshop Giving Food To100,000 Ghosts Dharma “Spiritual Protection” Esoteric method for protection from ghost realm phenomena. Psychic sentinel. Essential tool especially for healers who need more spiritual security. WorkshopOpen to the public. No prerequisite. […]

Black Manjusri Dharma

Advanced Abhisheka-Empowered Workshop Black Manjusri Dharma “Spiritual Protection & Extinguishing Disaster” ” Advanced Feng Shui & Space Clearing “ This teaching was brought from India to China in 749 AD, and was traditionally taught only to initiated […]

Dharma in Pyjamas

Esoteric Mindful meditations from the Hanmi Buddhist school lead by VajraAcharya  Sarah Yapp Sarah is a Recovery Coach, Mental Health trainer and Social Prescriber . The main goal of these sessions is to aid practitioners to […]

Online Meditation Class & Workshops

We have various Online Class’s Meditation & Healing : Weekly & Pop Up in the evenings, Duration 1 Hour ( sometimes a little longer) we ask  for a donation for this service. Dharma Rites on New […]

Virtual Coffee Break & Meditation

Routines for the new normal: Are you working from home? Need a break? Need to rebalance your energy? Need a cuppa and a quick interaction with others? Join Our Virtual Coffee Break & Meditation at […]

Medicine Buddha Empowerment

Advanced Abhisheka-Empowered Medicine Buddha Dharma Workshop “Extinguishing Disaster & Prolonging Life” The Medicine Master Lapis Lazuli Light King Buddha Extinguishing Disaster and Prolonging Life Dharma is for spiritual healing, protection, and prevention of illness and disease, […]


Due to the Covid 19 Situation this workshop is postponed until 2021 WEALTH YOGA 2021 CORKAncient practice for EnlightenmentHeal worry, poverty, health and karmic imprints Learn the Ancient practice for awakening, Prajna Akasagarbha *Wisdom Hidden in […]