Douglas Sutton 禅智得德 Chan Zhi De De

Sifu Douglas Sutton 禅智得德 Chan Zhi De De Zen Wisdom Attain to Virtue

Welcome to the 2020 Chinese New Year Ceremonies!  All of us helping bring you today’s event wish that you will enjoy the sounds of sacred chanting, and that when you leave today’s gathering you will feel energized and relaxed, uplifted, and filled with the vibration of a blessed, happy, healthy, prosperous New Year.

I am grateful to be participating in these annual ceremonies for the fourth time today. Year by year I have witnessed Cork becoming a more multicultural, rich, and vibrant city. Sharing ceremonies and celebrations, whether it be the Saint Patrick’s Day Festival celebrated around the world, or today’s ceremonies, helps promote greater connection, understanding, and appreciation among people, locally and globally.

Since the most ancient of times, cultures around the earth have held ceremonies to mark the changing seasons and call forth blessings for their people. Lunar New Year ceremonies have been held in China for thousands of years to bring people happiness, prosperity, good luck, and harmonious living free from disasters. Our aspiration in holding these ceremonies today is to invite and call forth happiness and freedom from suffering, for all of those here today, and for all sentient beings.

You will hear Sanskrit Buddhist mantras, chanted in China for around 2000 years, whose roots go back as long as 5000 years ago in ancient India. The rishis (sages) of ancient India found that good health, prosperity, wisdom, virtue, compassion etc. have a vibration. We can use chanted sounds and visualizations to help us vibrate or embody those qualities and manifest them in our lives. This idea will not seem strange to those familiar with writings from today’s leading edge quantum physicists and personal development leaders. The rishis developed and intuited sound phrases (mantras) that are said to tune us to the vibration of good health, wisdom, compassion and so on.

During the ceremonies you will hear a number of specially selected mantras chanted repeatedly to help resonate their vibration more fully through our energetic field. There is nothing that you need to believe or do, just relax and let the mantras vibrate through you.

This evening two ceremonies will be conducted. The first is a 1000 candle ceremony to bring forth blessing during the coming year for all sentient beings. Everyone may help light candles and make wishes for yourself, your loved ones, our earth, all people, all sentient beings.

Our second ceremony is for people born in the Year of the Rat, Horse, Rooster, and Rabbit. Ancient Asian spiritual masters saw that people are affected by the movements of the moon and other heavenly bodies. Western Astrology assigns us one of twelve signs according to the time of year we are born. Chinese astrology posits that there is a repeating twelve year astrological cycle and assigns an animal name for the characteristics associated with people born in each of these twelve years. It is said that people born under four of the twelve animal signs will face more astrologically challenging energies in any given year. We hold an An Tai Sui (make peace with the lord of the year) ceremony for people of those four signs, to help pacify conflicting energies, reduce obstacles these people might have faced, and help these people have a year filled with more good fortune.

May all have a blessed and wonderful Year of the Metal Rat

Sifu Douglas Sutton Vice Abbot Dari Rulai Temple Long Beach, California

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