The Golden Crown Great Enlightener Dharma King

The Golden Crown Great Enlightener Dharma King
MasterYuThe Golden Crown Great Enlightener Dharma King:
Living Buddha Dechan Jueren speaks about the
Golden Crown and the Dharma Door Temple, July 9, 2003
Dari Rulai Temple, Los Angeles
Translated by Kuo
Transcribed by Dejian
Master: You all should pretty much know about what has taken place. Are there any questions? Is there anything you want to know more? Any questions in regard to the Golden Crown?
Q: What is the significance of the Golden Crown and the other…?
A: The order of significance in colors, the golden rank first, the black rank second, and the blue rank third. (there are more colors)
Q: Did you bring the crown back with you?
A: No, I dare not to. Actually went to the embassy (Kuo: I suggested Master get a document that certify), we decided finally it was no good. The Golden Crown is made of gold, it’s worth the least, everything else on the crown, the diamonds, the jewels are worth more.
In the beginning I did have the intention to bring it back with me this time, I try to …?… I actually went to the embassy myself, the US embassy in Beijing. The embassy, the Consulate, they would not be able to, in a sense ensure the safety of the crown.
The 1st time I visited the US embassy, the Consulate, I just inquired about I want to take something, this valuable stuff to the US, how do I do this? And the 2nd time I actually brought the crown with me to show them. But when I opened up the case to show them the crown, the American officials that were there in the consulate that saw these things, they were shaking, it’s too valuable of stuff for them to do the documentation.
At that time the US official, his reflex is he ran out of the room to check, looking outside. I asked, “what are you doing?” and he said he just wanted to see how many bodyguards I had with me. I don’t have any bodyguards that come with me to the consulate and the officials say, “You really got a lot of gall.” After he saw this crown, then he decided, how can he certify this? It’s too valuable.
However, they do for me, the embassy refered me to US customs. They looked at details of the crown and checked to see how many jewels are on the crown. And they did take some photos. And they informed me, if just go through US customs, certainly you can bring this to the US. However, custom duties will be at least over 5 million US dollars, for the duties alone.
Kuo: her question is that, this time we learned that many of the Tibetan Rinpoche’s that make the offering of this golden crown to you.
A: There is no distinction whether it’s the Tibetan or Chinese lineage, it’s real transmission of Buddha dharma, it does not matter which is which, but that they recognize it’s the truth.
The Golden Crown Dharma King signifies something else, it’s a symbol that all the schools, all the teachings will come together. All the dharmas originally from the same school. Of course, actually I knew this a long time ago, eventually this is gonna take place, but there’s no way I would be able tell somebody this is gonna take place for me. However, some of the disciples, when they are alone with me, I kind of mention a little bit about my status and significance in Buddha dharma. However, I did not delve into this too much.
In Buddhism, this is, in fact a big thing, monumental news. And certainly Japan, the Shingon know a lot about esoteric Buddhism, it’s already created a very big stir in Japan.
For those of you were here the other night, on the 26th of June. A representative of Tilopa Rinpoche who is a Japanese (the representative) came here on behalf of Tilopa Rinpoche to pay his honor to the temple. That day, June 26th is the day they presented the Golden Crown to me, which happened to be, if you don’t know this, June 26th is the birthday of the 17thKarmapa.
Many of this will probably be more known at the time the enthronement ceremony takes place. When we say enthronement ceremony, in a sense it’s like claiming a sovereignty over this, …?…, a king of the whole teachings. And after the enthronement ceremony, my first visit will most likely be Japan.
Of course, this event that is taking place right now is good news for my disciples, but at the same time, not such good news. The good news is, eventually you will realize that you have found a real master, and your status will be viewed much differently by the public in the future.
The bad news is, if this became well known all over the world, it will be hard for you to see me next time. It will get worse to the point that, I don’t even know where I’m gonna be.
This time Tina was actually in China, she was in the south part of China, and she made a trip to Beijing. She stayed in my house two days in Beijing. For the two days she stayed in my house, she didn’t even see me there. She was waiting for me, so I called some of my disciples and they arranged that she could have a meal with me together. Any other questions?
Q: This crown, is this a new crown? And when was the last time anybody…?… ?
A: The crown was actually over there in history a long time ago, there are actually seven different crowns, the golden is the highest one. This one I have is a modern day piece. It’s a similar piece to the old one, the ancient one is still there in a temple somewhere in India.
So in esoteric Buddhism, for those Dharma King, and real Dharma Kings, a real Dharma King is crowned, and for those crowned Dharma Kings, they were so secret, actually most Buddhists had no idea who were the real crowned Dharma Kings.
And mostly, a lot of well known Rinpoches on the international stage today, they are not crowned Dharma Kings. They are Dharma King of their school, however they are not crowned.
In the sutra it mentions nine different what we call …?…raja, the kings of knowledge. Nine. All nine are the one’s that we call ….raja, the kings, they have the crown.
December of 1999, the 17th Karmapa fled from Tibet to India. Most people not aware of this, the 17th Karmapa, he is in fact a crowned Dharma King, the black crown. The real scene when Lama received the 17th Karmapa, the public is never gonna see this, only ones who are there is the inner circle gonna witness this. Lama has to kneel and do full prostration every step of the way from a hundred step away to the 17th Karmapa and bow to him and kiss Karmapa’s feet before Lama will stand up. That’s the way, real religious formal way of paying respect to a Dharma King.
There’s a lot more knowledge of Buddhism that’s very profound that people don’t know about. Why did I have this idea in the beginning that I would bring the crown with me this time? However, I tried but I could not bring it this time. Because this is recorded in the Buddhist sutras, if you were to witness the crown, THE crown, in person yourself, one look will free you of disasters for three lifetimes. A lot of things about Buddhist teachings and Buddha dharma, as I say before, people have no idea.
Q: Does looking at the photograph have the same effect?
A: I guess it should have the same effect.
Q: Isn’t it better that we actually see you in person, ourselves, than to see the crown. (Laughter)
A: Yes, that’s true, but most people don’t realize this point. However, I say most people don’t realize because the mundane person only look at appearance, they look at the image of a person, they are unable to see the real essence. But when they look at this master…?… but however, when the mundane person looks at the appearance of the crown, then their eyes will gleam, and they will understand the worthiness of the one who wears the crown.
I did not realize until I receive the crown and wear it on my head, but then I realized, that this thing is really worth a lot of money. In the beginning I really have no idea that it’s gonna be this valuable.
Q: The Kalachakra Abiseka has been delayed until next year, does this mean that you will be here longer?
A: I have to return to China in less than a month because I have to take care of the work for the enthronement ceremony on September 14th, and after that there’s a lot of work needs to be done. There’s a lot of VIPs will visit for the …?… basically for the enthronement ceremony, and certainly after that as I mentioned earlier they have invited me to Japan for another enthronement ceremony for someone else. So I need to take care of a lot of details like who’s gonna participate in the ceremony and visit the place and arrange for lodging and everything. Is there someone in China that could take care of this? There are, but there are a lot of VIPs they will not be able to talk to, I have to be there to take care of this. High officials in the government, everybody wants to be there.
Q: Is it heavy?
A: Certainly we will arrange a special visit and bring it to the US, and you will have to carry it and you will know how heavy it is. (Laughter) You will be the bodyguard.
Kuo: A little bit more than 2 kilograms, so we’re looking at about 5 pounds, actually pretty heavy to wear on your head.
Q: Why did the crown come from India?
A: Because the original piece of the crown, the old piece is still in India. They have that in India. If you understand about history then you know that when the Muslims invaded India they kill a lot of Buddhists. Many Buddhist artifacts …?… were sealed in old temples, and they are still there. The old crown in India, if you see it, it spells out in ancient Sanskrit, you pronounce Tian Jian, which happens to be my name this lifetime.
Q: Out of the five Manjusris, does that mean that the northern Manjusri is much more noble than the other 4 Manjusris.
A: No, only this lifetime. Different lifetime, different Manjusri come on to the stage as the noblest one, they rotate. Sort of like, they go in this order… Kuo: He just say there are actually nine Dharma Kings and they follow the crowns in the order, it’s like one Buddha in the center and eight Bodhisattvas around, like the illumination of the nine suns. So the one in the center is the Golden Crown, the other eight are, the black crown, blue crown, green crown, purple crown, yellow crown, and one is the orange crown and another one is kind of like white crown, a silver white, or greyish white. So all these encircle the Golden Crown in the middle. So who are the names? Black Crown everybody already know, that’s Karmapa, the other one’s I’m not so sure, it’s Karmapa, Tilopa, Arpa, Marpa, ….?… there’s one that Americans don’t know is …?… Everybody know about …?… but …?… is not Dharma King of the Rupa school. The Rupa schools Dharma King is …?… the red crown. But there are nine crowned Dharma Kings in Buddhism. Other so called Dharma Kings without the crowns is not a crowned Dharma King, they may be Dharma King of their particular sect, but they are not the real Dharma King
Q: It looks like there are two crowns in the pictures.
Kuo: The jeweled crown, he will only wear 3 times a year for special formal ceremony, the other crown he will wear for other things, sort of like, one is formal wear and the other is casual wear, sort of like that.
Master: You know how we say Bodhisattva, that’s me. Historically that’s the only name they have, they don’t have any other Bodhisattva, but very people know about the crowned Dharma King, you know, Bodhisattva is the crowned Dharma King. In that sense if Buddha entered Nirvana and never returned, then the Bodhisattva is the crowned Dharma King of this world. Therefore the 1st Bodhisattva refering to me, from the past life. If you want to know, Amoghavajra, also, was one of those that wear the golden crown in history.
Q: Do saints from different lineages, like from India, or the Middle East, experience different energies….. is there just one reality?
A: They are all the same, they all enter that same state of reality. They may experience and express differently, but they enter the same state of reality.
Q: ….?….
This is from the new Chinese President …?… He said this to me, “If Dalai Lama will come to China, I will give him a reception personally. I will be at the airport to receive him there.” I responded to the President, I don’t think, it’s not Dalai Lama does not wish to return to China, he has a lot of obstacles …?… I say the new President of China, Mr. …?… say this, but let me also comment, the previous President, Mr. …?… and also Mr. …?…, they all made the same comment. They welcome him back and give him a reception, and they would personally be at the airport to receive him.
And certainly this is not the western version, Chairman Mao actually did the same thing and agree to let him return to his own country. According to some witnesses that were there, Dalai and Panchen Lama were in Beijing with Chairman Mao zhou dong, Chairman Mao Zhou Dong actually formally kneel down and bow to Dalai and Panchen Lama. So I have to say, you have never really visit China and known the people there, know what’s really going on in many of these things. What you know is only one version of the story and that version, often is incomplete, therefore you don’t know the whole thing.
In China I dare to say, the government does not limit religion as the westerners view it. Sometime the westerner may feel constraint or limitation made on religion by the government, but you don’t understand, you have to view it differently, many of their decisions, policy making is based on preservation and protection. So they have their reasons to make their policy.
So in peoples perception, the older the temple, it seems to be that the government has more policies controlling at that temple. Think of it this way, let’s say in a hall in a old temple. In that one hall alone, there is over a thousand statues of Buddha and Bodhisattva. We are talking about gold statues, silver statues, jade statues, this kind of stuff. The statues are all gold and jewel pieces. Almost from every dynasty through the years. So if you look at it from this perspective, their restrictions and policies for preservation and protection, it’s part of their national treasure, part of their culture. Do you think any government in the world will not want to watch over these national treasures and be very careful who’s in the temple?
I don’t know whether this was in the newspaper here, but it was in the paper in China already, …?… the Doorway Temple or the Dharma Door Temple will expand thirty times it’s current size. It’s being approved by the government. It’s already a large temple, thirty times it’s size will be gigantic.
They will have to move all the businesses and factories around the temple to other areas. ….?… The Doorway Temple will be built …?… according to Tang dynasty design. And this is fact Chinese esoteric …?… the temple from the Tang dynasty. So those …?… if you read the Hanmi history from the web site, those …?… there’s a pagoda there that fall down, they’re gonna rebuild that pagoda and rebuild everything there.
And they have decided, in the main hall, called the Mahavairocana Main Hall, the Great Enlightener Hall, they want to erect a big statue with a long hair and long beard. Perhaps in the future my disciples will most likely visit the Doorway Temple. …?… (doorway temple), there are a lot of relics discovered at …?…, one of the relics is the finger of Shakyamuni Buddha, authenticated by historical records. There is a lot more involved dharma door temple than just the finger of Shakyamuni, there’s a lot more stuff and information. Most people are not aware of this. It’s like a big discovery.
Q: In the picture I saw of you on the web site, why are there different colors of hadas?
A: It’s very simple, there are actually five different colors of hadas representing five different Buddhas. The five wisdom Buddhas. So that picture, it only shows two colors there, the others were covered up. If you were to go to Beijing, my residence, you can see on the chair they lay five different colors of hada. They only present five different colors of hada, the five Buddhas, to the Lamas.
I feel that we keep on talking about this subject and all of you seem like you are at ease, not in the least uncomfortable about this. You look at me every day, “It’s the Great Enlightener Dharma King, and that’s it?!” There’s nothing special about what you see here. But it’s a big stir, a big shake up, an earthquake in China within the religious circles.
Now there are legends about the Great Enlightener Dharma King circulating in China in the religious circles. For example, when I was waiting for my flight in the airport, so, over there, there were a few monks sitting in a row of chairs and they were talking to each other. One said, “The future world will be finally at peace, because I heard that the Great Enlightener has come to this world, he is already here.” He continue on to tell others, and I heard that the Great Enlightener, Mahavairocana Buddha is really like the stories told in Buddhism, he has no father, no mother, just fall right out of the sky! I was sitting about two rows away from them so I can hear the whole conversation when it happened. I was there and I was unable to make a sound! I guess the legend has some basis on the truth, my parents have both passed away, so I have no father and mother, but in the beginning, I did have a father and mother. But when you hear the conversation of these monks, they are very sincere, to be truthful what this guy is telling the others, and they are bowing to each other and holding their hands like that.
So, a few days ago I was in the Palace of Harmony, Yong He Gong, with a few of my students there. So when I returned to the Palace of Harmony, the Lamas there did not recognize me in the beginning (Master Yu had shaved his head and cut his beard), so the first day they are not sure, and the second day they realized it’s me, and they came to pay their respects to me. So they kneel down and prostrate to me. So all the visitors there were alarmed and surprised, thinking who is this guy that all the Lamas here are bowing to?
I was sitting in a chair in the hall of the One Buddha and Eight Bodhisattva. I saw a couple of visitors to the temple, they were sitting on another bench, and they were having a conversation, talking about the Great Enlightener, Mahavairocana Buddha again. One said to the other,” I learned that the Great Enlightener Dharma King is here in the temple. I guess he’s really as powerful, divine as they say, supposedly he sat there for four hours, and we can see that he has not blinked his eye once!” I was listening to their conversation and I turn around and look at them.
A moment later, La Sr and also abbot Pujo came to me and asked if I’d like to move to a cooler place in the office rather than sit there where it was very hot. So, certainly people recognized the abbot of the Palace of Harmony, so they hold me up when we were leaving, then those people having the conversation on the bench realized, this is the guy we were talking about, the Great Enlightener Dharma King. So I was walking away and I turned around and look at them, they were also looking at me, I make a face to them (Master emphatically blinks his eyes). Just to prove to them, I blink my eyes too. (Laughter)
For the next half years, certainly there will be more news coming …(end of first side of tape)… will really spread out internationally, will be after my visit to Japan, the Japanese will the spread the story real hard. Because Japan alone, has more than ten million esoteric practitioners following Shingon.
Q: Do Shingon practitioners have some of the same practices we have?
A: Let me just be very truthful to you, what the Shingon practitioner have learned is only superficial stuff. They have not learned any more than you, you have learned a lot more than what they know.
Q: Did they lose dharma in the past?
A: Not lost, but watered down some ways. If you ever get the opportunity, visit Japan and teach the Medicine Buddha Dharma, it will certainly be a big hit over there. The Japanese Shingon practitioners are very devoted. They get the real transmission they gonna be real devoted. And let me say, if you will actually be transmitting Medicine Buddha Dharma, they will address you as great master of the Vajrayana, they will not just call you a teacher.
Today I look at you Leonard, and you appear to be younger than the last time I saw you.
Leonard: I’ve been practicing the copper staff a lot on myself.
Master: Good
Q: …?…
A: Not just impact, the impact will be such, that in the next few years, we will probably be building temples around the world, quite a few of them, and certainly one will be built here in LA.
Kuo: I would like to add something. This guy who came here makes traditional Buddhist artwork, embroidered Tankas, traditional Sino-Japanese style. He did a exhibition of his artwork a couple years back in the …?… temple here. It was in all the newspapers, over ten thousand people visited it. This guy paid a visit on June 26th on behalf of Tilopa Rinpoche. If this guy paid a visit, certainly a lot of Japanese will follow suit. This other Japanese guy that came with him said he never knew there was a temple here, Dari Rulai Temple, he said that now he knows he will tell people. There is a big group of Japanese in LA that follow the Shingon. If they know they have a real guru here, they will certainly come.
Q: Is there any way we can record the enthronement ceremony?
A: We are working on an arrangement, certainly we will send a camera crew to do a documentary. Joel is putting together a camera crew.
There is still a lot to arrange, the lodgings for people and all this stuff. There are a lot of people going. Think of it this way, somewhere out in the middle of western Mongolia, how many five star hotels do you think there are? How many two star hotels do you think there are?! We have to figure it out, the logistics are a nightmare, we have to figure out how to handle a lot of visitors to that area. If you’ve seen the pictures of the temple, it’s kind of in a high valley with lots of mountains. And the last few hours is a jeep ride, no comfortable transportation, only four wheel drive can make it.
All these pictures of Tankas that the gentleman brought here, you can look at it this way, these are the offerings from the Shingon School. It’s a very well organized church. The news will be back to the public fast.
Q: I wanted to know more about something Master stated a couple of years ago that at some point there would be 2500 to 3000 students here.
Kuo: That is this temple, not this place(this address). This temple will have about 3000 supporters that will be around.
Master: Of the 33 people that will receive the Bodhisattva crown, the only way they gonna do it right is to make the crown in India, and when the crowns are here we will have a special ceremony, and it will certainly create an impression in the religions, it will be a news event. Some may feel, “what happened if missed that when those 33 were getting abhiseka? Will there be a make up for that, to get the disciples crown?” No, it does not happen that way, if you happen to be there it’s a …?… and there will be no make up for it. However, will there be another one in the future sometime? Yes, after I receive all the transmission of the Kalachakra, three years after that day, so we looking at around 2007, in September, then I will be able to do another one of those.
The office of the new Chinese …?… , Mr. Wu has a conversation with me, about moving the Dari Rulai Temple back to China instead of having it in the US. I said I would consider this. I told him I would consider, but today I will tell you, the Dari Rulai Temple was founded here, and it will stay in Los Angeles, it will not move anywhere.
The Dari Rulai Temple will remain in Los Angeles because, for the Buddhist teaching for the last 1400 years, this Dari Rulai Temple, the Temple of the Great Enlightener has suffered a lot, has never been known to the world. It has been reestablished here in Los Angeles, therefore, it will stay in Los Angeles. But if they are not too happy about it, they are always welcome to contribute financially to support the one right here.
Of course they are also, Mr. Wu also suggested, “What new name will you call the Dharma Door Temple, should there be a new name?” I said, “very simple,” and they thought that maybe I decided to move the Dari Ruali Temple back to China to …?… I say, “Now the Dharma Door Temple will be called, the Dharma Door Temple of the Great Enlightener.” Everyone there, all these assistants, they all feel that this is great and they are proud.
However, it is up to the disciples in the US whether they will take that pride, and able to carry the mission of the Dari Rulai Temple in the US, to really develop and grow this temple. If you want to do something, then you have to do it. Worry nothing about money, I will support financially. Worry nothing about your understandings, I will give you the dharma.
However, organizations is up to you, I have no views on how you want to organize. It does take good organizational skills to make things happen, and you have to learn to work together as a team to organize well.
Yesterday, a decision was made, we will build a center in Hong Kong. In …?… Hong Kong, a new center will be built there, it’s like a very good side of the neighborhood. We did have an intention to have a temple in Taiwan. When will this happen? At this moment, we do not know. I originally have the idea to build something in Taiwan first, before I do something in Hong Kong, but the people in Hong Kong already jump on it, and they want a center there. In Taiwan, a lot of work still need to be done. But in Hong Kong, if they build something, they build it real fast. Eleven people contributed over 60 million Hong Kong dollars to build a center there.
Q: How does destiny affect where a temple will be built?
A: Let me put it this way, you put this together, form a real temple in Hawaii, you WILL have a complete set of the Buddha statue. I will certainly have a set of the five Buddhas reserved for your temple in Hawaii, and I feel if you really set your heart on it, resolve to see it through, you will succeed. However, if you are unable to accomplish this in three years, I will give you a bundle of money to do it, but you must make that effort yourself first. Why? I have the intention to really support and train a lady abbot in the US.
Q: The people in Maui practice very hard and very much anticipate your coming back there.
A: I knew very well of all the obstacles and difficulties you and Randolph will certainly run into when you try to transmit dharma in Hawaii. It’s unavoidable. But remember my words. Unite everyone. Turn no one away. No matter what comments people make, you do your job, you do your mission, that’s what really matters. You must be able to bear with the criticisms of anybody to be a real good abbot. You must be able to forgive others truly. The more forgiving you are in you own actions, the more you will show the greatness of your heart. The people will naturally have more respect for you.
Q: I understand about when you talk about it’s easier to forgive people you like than people you don’t like and it’s like, because for someone you really like, it’s easy to forgive them cause you want to!
A: When you begin to be aware of this yourself, that shows that you are truly, you learn a lot. You don’t expect everyone to be perfect. Only when you become aware of this yourself are you really moving forwards.
Randolph: I’d just like to share that everyone there (in Maui) is so remarkable. There’s this non-initiated practitioner and he practices regularly. His roommate is blind and he did the Medicine Buddha with him, and he started to see. He sees extremely poorly, he’s classified as blind, and after one session, he started to see things he had never seen before. My point is that this is a non-initiated practitioner. He hasn’t received what many of us have received and he and several other practitioners are doing healing and remarkable events have happened.
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