Esoteric Meditation

What Will Practicing Esoteric Meditation Do For Me?

Learn and practice Esoteric Meditations using mantra, mudra, and visualization to easily enter higher states of consciousness and grow spiritually.

Rapid advancement is common and most people notice results within days. Feel empowerment and blessing flowing to and through you from this 2500+ year old unbroken lineage of awakened masters.

Naturally heal and strengthen the body, mind, and spirit. Have more energy and vitality.

4 Week Course Thursdays



7. pm Ireland & UK Los Angeles

Interactive Zoom Class, limited to 6 people.

E mail to secure your place € 72

“When your mind enters a certain state, then your body produces a kind of light. Buddhists call this the ‘Self or Inner Light. ’ When the Self or Inner Light appears, it can excite the innate abilities of the body. Every kind of energy within the body brought forth in this manner can fight against aging, resist all kinds of illnesses, and open up one’s wisdom.” [Living Buddha Dechan Jueren]

The Esoteric School teaches practices to know yourself, heal yourself, and change yourself, whether you are new to meditation or a long time meditator. You don’t have to “be a Buddhist” to use and benefit from these ancient techniques that unleash the power of our consciousness.

“The more you want to be able to help others, the more you need to be able to help yourself. The more you want to be able to change the world, the more you need to be able to change yourself.” “The Esoteric School teaches the ways to attain enlightenment in this lifetime, in this body… Dechan Jueren”.

There are practices to develop many different spiritual abilities.

The Dharma Book by Dechan Jueren offers 33 meditation practices including the school’s foundation practices.


Thunderbolt Yoga Subduing Mara is a book for healers with visualization guides (and more) for use in spiritual healing for 100 different illnesses and conditions.

Empowered Meditation CDs are available for the foundation meditations and a number of the healing meditations (including:

Enter the Calm & Relaxed State (1st Zen State), Qi Activation/Generation & Releasing “Treasure Vase”, Diamond Wisdom (2nd Zen state/indestructible body), Self Healing For Various Illnesses, Diabetes Self Healing, Clear Vision, etc.).

Esoteric School Healing Practices Workshops are available for healers who want to continue expanding their ability to help others, and those who would like to receive empowerment and training to become healers.

“To be able to help heal and alleviate others of their illness and disasters, you must have a strong body and mental toughness, unaffected by obstacles or the conditions of the environment. Only then will you have the energy and strength to free others from their suffering.” – Living Buddha Dechan Jueren.

Having just emerged after over 1100 years underground, this lineage and its powerful practices are just becoming known again.

We welcome those new to meditation, and experienced meditators committed to the path of spiritual growth, greater compassion/happiness, and wisdom.

The more experience and “level” people have, the more they love these practices because they can quickly realize how powerful and effective they really are.

You can quickly move along the path of spiritual awakening.