Jane Ward 佛 智 Zhi Fo

Sifu Jane Ward, 佛 智 Zhi Fo Wisdom Buddha

Founder & Abbot of the Brentwood Buddhist Centre, Essex, UK

Sifu Jane is the only known disciple worldwide to have personally received the Transmission Empowerment from the Dechan Jueren, the Mahavairocana Buddha, for Prajna Akasagarbha, a slow-moving meditation that awakens the wisdom seeds within and provides self-healing for self-realisation.

Sifu Jane has transformed her life through this practice.

Sifu Jane manages The Mahabodi Temple in the UK and has been a full time Dharma Teacher since 2008. She founded the Brentwood Buddhist Centre in 2012.  Sifu Jane has given transmission to thousands of people, from all backgrounds, religions and ages, and has travelled   to many countries on her mission to help transform lives.  Sifu Jane has initiated many of her own Disciples and has a strong Sangha in the UK.

To continue and expand her mission to help more people, Sifu Jane is currently fundraising for  a residential Hanmi Retreat Centre in the UK.

“I am looking forward to my first visit to Tralee for the celebrations.  I have visited a number of other destinations in Ireland and have always found the Irish hospitality warm and accommodating. This will be my first time in the Kingdom of Kerry.

Sifu Jane