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We have various Online Class’s

  • Meditation & Healing : Weekly & Pop Up in the evenings, Duration 1 Hour ( sometimes a little longer) we ask  for a donation for this service.
  • Dharma Rites on New Moon & Full Moon: The time and date varies, its very healing to join this and have this ritual offered for you or your loved ones, there is a short Healing Meditation after each Dharma Rite, Duration 1 Hour & 15 Minutes, this service is free

More Info Europe: Mary + 353 (0) 894717922

USA: Douglas + 1 626 -736-5210

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LIVE: Guided Meditation’s from The Hanmi Esoteric School   Esoteric Meditation & Teachings of Dechan Jueren  

Some of the Live Meditation Sessions / check with individual teachers for Pop Up sessions & schedule changes Not sure of the time in your Time Zone ….check here    

Thursdays & Sundays with Vajra Acharya Alex Crawford Use this link:  

Monday to Friday with Vajra Acharya Sarah Yapp to Pm UK & Ireland / to 11. am Los Angeles PST Password = Buddha2020  

Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays with Vajra Acharya Jules Gibson Cranch @ Jambhala 7.Pm Uk & Ireland / Los Angeles PST

Check Jambhala for details  

Saturdays at 10 am with Vajra Acharya Jules Gibson Cranch

Check Jambhala for details  

Sundays 9.30 Am Vajra Acharya Sarah Yapp @ Dharma In Pyjamas Password = Buddha2020  

Mondays with Sifu Douglas Sutton 8.Pm Ireland & UK / 12 Pm Los Angeles  

Medicine Buddha Practice with Sifu Douglas Sutton Daily UK & Ireland / 12. pm Los Angeles ( except Mondays) Only for Medicine Buddha Empowered Students & Disciples

e mail Douglas for Zoom details  

We hold New Moon and Full Moon Dharma Rites for All Sentient Beings twice a month in all Hanmi Shrines & Temples, keeping to the lunar cycle.There is also a Free Prayer List you can add your name to at our Main Temple in L.A.   

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We have a WhatApp group for all the Online Meditations, Dharma rites ect, if you would like to join that group send me a message …with your Facebook profile and I will send on the invitation…..Thanks Guys …Mary P O Connor PS I need to Facebook profile link to prevent weirdos…so annonymous Facebook Users will not be answered

Mondays: Douglas Sutton

Join us Monday with Zoom App (from computer or phone):

Practice several short Light Awakening meditations that guide us into a higher state,causing our bodies to emit a kind of light and energy that heals and awakens. Virtually everyone has said that afterwards they feel energized, relaxed, clear, and refreshed. Virtually everyone who needs healing reports feeling better.
Gift Yourself Time to Meditate and rejuvenate.

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Dharma in Pyjamas brought to you by Sarah Yapp VajraAcharya (teacher) of the Hanmi Esoteric Buddhist School. For more information please see website

Thursdays: Medicine Buddha practice with Douglas Sutton

Contact Douglas for an invitation to this class Douglas:

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