Sifu Jules 支遁 Zhi Dun

Sifu Jules 支遁 (Zhi Dun)  (Wisdom Honest)

is a Disciple and Teacher in the Hanmi Buddhist School and was a founding director of the European Hanmi Charity. She is a qualified psychiatric nurse who has worked alongside children and families for over 30 years offering a range of psychological interventions for those with significant mental health issues. 

In recognition of her work, Jules received the coveted ‘Queens Nurse Award’ for outstanding service to the public in 2014.  Following this she was asked to talk about her work on the BBC’s woman’s hour.  Jules has a number of her own students and disciples and offers teachings, meditation and healing to many. She established the Jambhala Buddhist Centre in 2010 and offers a range of Meditation & Buddhist Dharma teachings to the public.

Jules spends her summer holidays supporting the teens and young adults at various camp’s in England and any other spare time offering support and love to her children and grandchildren.

Coming from a Celtic background, Sifu Jules’s family line comes from Scotland, where her great grandfather was so furious that he had to wear trousers at his wedding he, threw them out of the train window as soon as he could, so he could return to wearing his beloved kilt.  Following a recent DNA test, Sifu Jules found that her links to the Celts didn’t stop at Scotland.  Her DNA profile showed an overwhelming match to Wexford and Kilkenny.  This was not surprising to her as she has always had a love of Ireland and its people and is always filled with a happy heart when she is invited to come over to this beautiful island.

Sifu Jules is delighted to be part of bringing the 1000 Lamp Blessing Ceremony to to Ireland and wishes all sentient beings a Happy & Prosperous New Year in 2020