Meditation Teachers

Vajra Acharya Mary P O Connor

+ 353 (0)  89 4717922

Mary P is an Artist, She met Yu Tian Jian/ Dechan Jueren the Lineage Holder of the Hanmi Esoteric School in London in 2007 and experienced meditation for the first time. At the time Mary had a number of chronic health issues .

” Practicising Esoteric Mantra Mindfulness Meditations has greatly improved my health, my Arthritis has gone and I almost never need antibiotics now. My mood is much better and having suffered from Clinical Depression for most of my life it is amazing NOT to be depressed & to be able to pass on to other people these teachings which have so profoundly changed my life”

Mary began to study with Master Yu and was ordained Vajra Acharya or Empowered Teacher in China in 2010. Mary divides her time teaching in Ireland , Europe & the UK.

Mahabodi Temple


Founder & Abbot of the Brentwood Buddhist Centre, Essex, UK

Sifu Jane is the only known disciple worldwide to have personally received the Transmission Empowerment from the Dechan Jueren, the Mahavairocana Buddha, for Prajna Akasagarbha, a slow-moving meditation that awakens the wisdom seeds within and provides self-healing for self-realisation.

Sifu Jane has transformed her life through this practice.

Sifu Jane manages The Mahabodi Temple in the UK and has been a full time Dharma Teacher since 2008. She founded the Brentwood Buddhist Centre in 2012. Sifu Jane has given transmission to thousands of people, from all backgrounds, religions and ages, and has travelled  to many countries on her mission to help transform lives. Sifu Jane has initiated many of her own Disciples and has a strong Sangha in the UK.

Head Dharma Teacher

Dan Kendall: Abbot of the Dari Rulai Temple in Los Angeles

Public Teaching Schedule of Vajra Acharya Dan Kendall is available  here, he is constantly traveling to visit his disciples so check with your local Hanmi contact

Meditation Teacher

Vajra Acharya Fateh (Francis Beadle) Zhi Ran

Fateh is a direct disciple of Zen and Esoteric Master Dechan Jeuren and a student and teacher within the Hanmi lineage.

He has devoted his life to spirituality and helping others, and his guiding principle (in the words of the Dalai Lama) is ‘my religion is kindness’. He has spent 30 years in an assortment of different roles in the voluntary and charitable sector, 20 years studying meditation and yoga and 15+ years as a counsellor (person centred, psychodynamic and Mindfulness based modalities). He is a qualified teacher of Kundalini Yoga (levels 1&2), Tantric Buddhist Meditations, Mindfulness and Yoga Nidra. He is also a student of Anthroposophy (School of Spiritual Science) and an initiated Deeksha Giver (levels 1&2). Fateh currently works as Project Manager for the Guru Ram Das Project (a charity sharing the technology of Kundalini Yoga with vulnerable people), teaches meditation at CityZen and offers seva as Meditations For Frontline Workers.

Links:Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri 10am free/by donation online Hanmi meditation sessions (catch up available)

Free meditation resource for frontline workers (and anybody else)

Vajra Acharya Sarah Yapp

Sarah Yapp was ordained as Vajra Acharya, Je Jaing by Master Dechan Jeuren in 2010 after completing the Great Dharani Teaching

She lives In Leigh on Sea in Essex with her Daughter and teaches the online meditation Dharma in Pyjamas ™ as well as Meditation classes for carers in Southend on Sea funded by the local council. Sarah is also a Reflexologist and Ayurveda therapist and works for a Mental Health Charity as a Tutor and Recovery Coach. Sarah is an artist, potter, and uses these practices to help people to navigate their recovery in times of confusion.

As a lifelong ecologist, she blends her Buddhism with an active engagement in ecological study and practical adaptation to current climatic changes, she works with the trauma of awakening and helping people to calm and relax into the acceptance of being here and now.

Sarah has engaged in the 1000 lamp blessing for Chinese New Year in Cork and the UK over the years and would welcome invitations to perform rites, blessings and meditation teachings from interested communities.

Jambhala Centre

Sifu Jules 支遁 (Wisdom Honest)

Jules Gibson-Cranch (Chan Zhi De Dun )

Jules is a qualified psychiatric nurse who works with children and adults experiencing emotional difficulties. Jules has worked in the public health & charities for over 30 years. She is currently working in children’s palliative care. Jules has been moving along a spiritual path since a young girl and her journey has given study to a number of Esoteric Spiritual Practices, culminating with Esoteric Buddhism. Jules has taught meditation and healing for over 25 years and teaches with an empathetic and friendly style which supports all those who attend the sessions.

Jules believes in ensuring a ‘right fit’ and will incorporates techniques from western medical culture, psychology, Wicca, Reiki and Buddhism, depending on what is needed. After spending 5 months training in China in 2010, Jules was ordained as a Vajracharya by her teacher, Dharma King Dechan Jueren. Jules is also an authorised Master & Teacher of Usui Reiki Ryoho and offers treatments and training in this discipline. Jules has been teaching Reiki for over 15 years, and has received a wide range of positive comments and feed back about the sessions that she runs. She also makes a life time commitment to her students, always being available to them for support and advice. In addition, when time permits, Jules organises healing shares and other events to ensure that those on the path can get regular ‘top ups’ and meet like-minded people. These shares are so popular that a local hall is often used to ensure that everyone can fit in!

Jules has lived in Essex and Wales has now moved to the Tendering area of Essex were she is putting down the solid foundations for a vibrant meditation and healing centre.