Healing Testimonials

Healing Testimonials

My names is Marie A and I have been fortunate to have had healing from the Hanmi esoteric school of Buddhism. I have been suffering from pain and swelling in legs as well as trauma. I have been attending online healing sessions with Mary & Douglas for about two months now.

During healing I felt very hot and a vibrating feeling throughout my whole body. As each session progressed the pain was considerably reduced I am now totally pain and swelling free.

I have also suffered trauma from an abusive relationship and the healings have helped release the heavy weight in my chest area and have helped my relax more especially with my sleep patterns, as I was not sleeping well at all. I can now get a good six hours undisturbed sleep. I’m feeling much lighter and happier within my own skin, and the heavy weight has almost gone.

Here too there was a great amount of heat. Released a few tears and forgave myself and others for things in past relationships. I’ve come through a bad situation much happier in myself.

I am so very grateful to have received healings and enjoyed whole experience

Thank you all so deeply for your compassion and kindness

Deep Gratitude

– Marie A

Hi Mary, When I meditate with you I feel a sense of peace and relaxation where my whole being is quite and still. The energy comes through my whole body when my hands are on my lap facing one another during the meditation. I find a connectedness to the earth which gives me a sense of stability and a feeling that I am being looked after.



My name is R, I was dealing with a very stressfull beuruacratic situation for the unpteenth time and I became distraught, angry and very emotional. I had a panic attack and called Mary, luckely she was in town and close by, Mary came to my location and gave me a healing right there in the office….after 5 minutes I felt calmer…and albe to deal with my emotions. I was able to come back into my body and reschedule my appointment for another day and my dignety was restored. We then went for a coffee and had a laugh about it….Mary said those emotions were better out than in, I have been following the Mantra Mindfulness Techniques for a few years now and they have made a big difference.

– R O’ D

I have had the privilege of attending many Healing and Meditation Sessions with Mary over the past few months.

Upon meeting her a quote by Yogi Bhajan came to mind;

“Let your presence speak for you”.

When I am in her presence I feel safe, accepted…

She has a warm, engaging attitude.

She is wise and unassuming….

During the Sessions I experienced many positive energetic shifts; the core of which was the ability to embrace and transform my pain.

Each time I left with a sense of Peace and Serenity in my heart and a renewel of Inner Strength.

My life has now begun to open up, to change…the world looks Brighter, more ┬áBeautiful.

Mary is the lamp that Lights up and helps our Soul to Heal…

With Love and the Deepest of Gratitude,

Eimear C