An Tai Sui Dharma Rite

Extinguish Spiritual Obstacles, Alleviate Disasters and Suffering.

Make Peace with the Forthcoming Year… In Chinese astrology every year is governed by a zodiac sign. Your luck, success, and prosperity is affected by the ruling zodiac sign of the current year. If your personal zodiac sign does not have a favorable relationship with the sign of the current year, it can cause challenging circumstances throughout the year.

This protective, life-enhancing prayer ceremony is of exclusive benefit to those born under any of the four zodiac signs that are in conflict with or offending the upcoming year’s ruling sign, and registering on the An Tai Sui beneficiary list. Those born under the “offending” Lunar zodiac animal signs are strongly recommended to register for the An Tai Sui Dharma Rite.

This ceremony extinguishes personal spiritual obstacles, and creates good spiritual cause for overflowing financial resources; extinguishes disasters, suffering, and difficulties.

Businesses can also benefit, we will pray for the business to enjoy successful litigations, have a promising future, and to receive the continuous daily empowerment of the Dari Rulai Temple. The Dari Rulai Temple is the Mother Temple for Hanmi Esoteric Buddhists in the West 

The Irish Hanmi Buddhists will be joining with their Dharma Brothers & Sisters in other countries for this An Tai Sui Dharma Rite

Register for the An Tai Sui Dharma Rite by making a charitable & virtuous “An Tai Sui” donation for yourself, your loved ones or your business.


1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, 2024

1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018

1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021

1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015


For each person:

€32, € 72, €108, €300, €600 or €900
For each business:
€300, €600, €900, €1.200, €1,500, €1,800 or €3,000
A greater offering is welcome. Contact Mary O Connor to discuss 089 4717922

you were born on the months of January or February.

New Year’s Spiritual Blessing Lamps

Receive spiritual blessing and assistance throughout the year. Anyone, regardless of birth year, can request to have one or more special lamps lit on the behalf of themselves or a loved one.

Safe & Well Lamp: Blessing for health and good luck.

Asking for Wealth Lamp: Blessing for abundance and prosperity.

Longevity Lamp: Prayer for long life.

Great Merit Lamp: Propitiation to Buddhas for success with dharma practice and to attain wisdom.

Career Lamp: Blessing for good luck with child or grand-child’s career

Every year there are some zodiac signs clashing with Tai Sui, which means those people may face some challenges and difficulties in the year. However, Clashing with Tai Sui does not necessarily mean that it will bring bad luck, but it does require them to pay special attention to the year and take appropriate preventive measures to resolve possible problems. Following are detailed explanations of the four zodiac signs clashing Tai Sui in 2024 and the situations they may face.

People clashing Taisui are suggested to wear the colour red

 For people born in the Year of the Ox (牛)

Their fortune may be unstable with frequent setbacks in their careers. They may encounter obstacles and feel frustrated. It is advised to stick to traditional methods and avoid taking unnecessary risks.

For people born in the Year of the Rabbit (兔)

They may experience conflicts in their work, potential health issues, and difficulties in family matters. There might be disagreements and instability in relationships.

For people born in the Year of the Dragon (龙)

There is a risk of financial loss and potential disputes. They may attract gossip and face interference from malicious individuals. Marital relationships may be unstable.

For people born in the Year of the Dog (狗)

They may encounter obstacles in various aspects of their lives with little assistance from influential figures. Despite having talent, they may struggle to progress in their careers. Investments may yield unfavourable results, and things may not go as planned.

What is Tai Sui and How Does it Affect You?

“Tai Sui” is translated as “Grand Duke of Jupiter.” There are two versions. Some refer to it as the constellation that influences a person’s life. People often translated it as “the year’s ruler”. The person designated is known as the Tai Sui.

On the other hand, another group believe that the Tai Sui is a celestial entity that resides in space between the Earth and Moon. It’s important to note that there are various interpretations of this term, including its meaning and how it interacts with people.

The following are some of how Tai Sui affects people:

-Trouble with authorities;

-Disputes with family members;

-Unfavorable financial luck;

-Illness and accidents;

-Unexpected events such as natural disasters, accidents, and the death of loved ones.

In Chinese tradition, Tai Sui plays a vital part in their culture. For this reason, many people will take extra care regarding their behaviour and action during this time. It includes avoiding arguments and ensuring that they are not too demanding or selfish with others while Tai Sui is in effect.

Chinese astrology places great emphasis on appeasing Tai Sui, TaiSui or Tai Shui, also called the Grand Duke of Jupiter. This is a body of energy that you do not want to offend. An offended Tai Sui will bring misfortunes, from mild to the severe kind – from your plans meeting failure to loss of career and wealth, from getting illnesses and accidents to fatality. Like how Lillian Too said it “Trust me, the Grand Duke can cause havoc and you will feel the impact” (if offended).

Tai Sui’s direction changes every year; by finding out this direction, you can avoid confronting him directly. The Tai Sui takes up 15 degree of the compass. The location of Grand Duke Tai Sui is shown in the table below.

A lot of importance is given to the Grand Duke Jupiter in Feng Shui. It’s important to identify his position each year in your home or workplace and make sure you don’t confront or aggravate him unknowingly. If the Grand Duke Jupiter is in direct or indirect conflict with your zodiac sign (see table above), make sure to have a protective amulet with you at all times. Zodiac sign offending the Tai Sui will face setbacks and obstacles to success and financial gain throughout the year.

Here are some Feng Shui tips and rules to observe so as not to incur the Tai Sui’s wrath and bring upon you bad luck:

Make sure you don’t sit facing or sleep with your head pointing to the direction of the Grand Duke Jupiter (See table above).

Find out the sector affected by the Grand Duke Jupiter and ensure no repair or renovation work is done in this sector – this includes hammering a tiny nail for your picture frame or drilling just one small hole.

Setting up moving objects such as fish tanks or water fountains in the affected sector is a big no no.

If it’s possible to move or shift out from the sector where the Grand Duke Jupiter resides, by all means do so.

Appease him by placing a Feng Shui Pi Yao or Tai Sui Plaque at once in the affected sector or just wear the Pi yao as an amulet. Carry a Tai Sui amulet and card.



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