Chinese Esoteric Buddhism or Hanmi Buddhism

The Chinese Esoteric School of Buddhism or Han Mi 漢密 traces its lineage to Sakyamuni Buddha. It continues down to Nagarjuna, Nagrjuna to Nagabodhi, Nagabodhi to Vajrabodhi, Vajrabodhi to Amoghavajra, and Amoghavajra to Huisu. The lineage continues down to Huitong, Huitong to Huiling, Huiling to Dechan Jueren.

Hanmi merges the teachings of LaotzuConfucius and Sakyamuni in one lifestyle, bringing ancient culture to modern world, and providing practical solution to real life suffering.

These precious teachings were once again taught openly to the public to transmit the realised practice, to guide those who aspire to know, and to raise the awareness of the cultivators.

The students of Hanmi must learn to forgive everyone, to respect everyone, to help everyone, and to give happiness to everyone while bearing the disaster and pain alone.

Hanmi practitioners aspire to know oneself, change oneself and conquer oneself.

Wisdom is that which cannot be given to you but can only be revealed by realisation.

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