In December each year a candle is lit in the Grotto of Christ’s Birth in the Church of the Nativity, in Bethlehem. This flame is then taken by young Israeli and Palestinian Scouts to Tel Aviv Airport where with the support of Austrian Airlines a Scout carries it to Austria.

This year, the Christmas tradition of the Peace Light of Bethlehem continues, despite COVID-19 restrictions and border and church closures.

Then a Service for the Gift of Peace is held in Vienna, where Scouts and Guides from all over Europe gather to take the flame and transport across Europe by rail, by road and on foot through Austria, Switzerland and France – then on to Calais, Dover and up through England to Liverpool

This light will be in the Marina Market in Cork on Sunday December 20th where a Traditional Buddhist Chanting & Candle Lighting Ceremony will be held.

Members of the public are invited to light candles from the Bethlehem flame and make a wish for Christmas.

The Bethlehem flame is available from 10 am and the Chanting Ceremony will be held at 5pm

Join the Dharma Rite by Zoom at Irish& UK time, Amsterdam, 9am Los Angeles

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This chain of lights is a symbol peace, warmth, love and family. By passing on this Peace Light from Bethlehem we want to help to overcome the darkness caused by hate, egoism, materialism and spread happiness and hope into the hearts of all those who come in contact with it.Austrian railways, fire brigades, the Red Cross, the Samaritan Federation, Scouts, as well as parishes and private organizations again support the spreading of the light this year.

In mid-November, the Austrian public broadcasting corporation, ORF, announced that the light had been lit from the oil lamp hanging over the 14-point star in the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, West Bank. Since 1986, an Austrian child has lighted the light, but this year, due to travel restrictions, 9-year-old Maria Khoury of Bethlehem lit the lantern.

With the support of organizations such as the Scouts or the Youth Fire Brigades, this symbol of peace at Christmas is distributed to people all over the world.…/vaticans-2020-christmas-stamps…/

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