Hanmi Dharma Teachings

The awakened masters have preserved this knowledge through an unbroken lineage in the Hanmi Chinese Esoteric School of Buddhism. The Great Enlightener, MahaVairocana Dharma King Dechan Jueren, the 49th Great Acharya and lineage bearer has brought these teachings to the west and made them accessible to the public. Esoteric Hanmi Buddhism continues with Living Buddha Dechan Jueren’s mission bringing these Dharma Teachings to students worldwide.

The Six Dharmas Of The Lotus Family:

Short, easy…yet powerful dharma practices to keep you energized, focused, and calm.

  1. Basic Moving Mudra
  2. The Effulgence of Amitabha Buddha
  3. Prayer to Amitabha Buddha
  4. The Blaze of Amitabha Buddha Extinguishing Disaster
  5. The Clear Eye of Amitabha Buddha
  6. The Purity of Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva

Foundation Meditations

Treasure Vase Outer Qi Generating and Releasing Body Warming Body Cooling

Calming and Relaxing Guided Calming Body Relaxation Mind Relaxation Mind Transcendence

Diamond Wisdom Finger Mudra Visualization Interflow of the Four Breaths Simultaneous Rotation of the Five Wheels Illumination of the Nine Suns Observation of One Unified Body

Dhyana Yoga Ji, Calm Mie, Extinct Chen, Sink Zhui, Fall Chan, Dhyana Ding, Samadhi Zhi, Wisdom Hui, Insight

The Moving Meditations Prajña Akasagarbha Thunderbolt Pure Yang Finger

Advanced Workshops 

Medicine Buddha Dharma

The Medicine Master Lapis Lazuli Light King Buddha Extinguishing Disaster and Prolonging Life Dharma is for spiritual healing, protection, and prevention of illness and disease, as well as for extinguishing disaster, extending life, and bringing forth good luck.

Workshop Open to the public. No prerequisite .

Black Manjusri Dharma

This teaching was brought from India to China in 749 AD, and was traditionally taught only to initiated disciples. This dharma is used for spiritual protection from negative forces, and to extinguish accidents, disasters, and bad fortune.

Workshop Open to the public. No prerequisite.

Yellow Jambhala Dharma

.Yellow Jambhala extinguishes the obstacle of poverty and generates abundance. Jambhala practice can help a practitioner to attain material wealth, but the real wealth is merit, virtue, spiritual attainment, wisdom, and accomplishment of siddhis.

Workshop Open to the public. No prerequisite.