Calming & relaxing

A most important and basic practice. Eliminates the resisting mind and helps you enter deeper meditative states. Experience the “first state of Zen”, through Guided Calming, Body Relaxation, Mind Relaxation, and Mind Transcendence.

An effective method for beginners to “enter into state”.

These meditation practices are available in The Dharma Book & on Empowered CDs They can also be taught by qualified Hanmi Teachers Online & In person

Boooks & Cds are available in your local Hanmi Centre  and via our Shop

Treasure Vase Qi

Open the Qi channels. Energize the Body. Generate much more life force. Receive an empowerment which will enable your hands to emit healing energy. Also, short meditations which will warm or cool your body and help you stay comfortable. Healers using other disciplines receive a boost in their healing practices using these meditations.

The practitioner develops purity and stillness of being, which brings the body under the complete influence of the mind. Practice the “Outer Qi Generating and Releasing Dharma” for self-empowerment, self-healing, and to cultivate the ability to heal others.

Diamond Wisdom

Experience the “second state of Zen” including motion and stillness, being and non-being. This practice guides you along the path to samadhi and helps you “firm the seed”. Experienced meditators really love this practice. Prepares one to enter into a higher Dhyana/Chan state. Many have had profound experiences with this meditation.

This practice also heals and strengthens the body. Elements from it can be used to heal others.

Dhyana Yoga

Zen (Chan, or Dhyana), Oneness. Beyond form.

Attain direct knowledge and insight into the ineffable

using the Eight Word Heart Dharma. Realize your

true nature and life-purpose. Experience the “fourth

state of Zen” meditation.

The Dharma Book: Heal Yourself & Others Through Meditation is a rich and densely packed book with over thirty-six meditation practices that offer you the chance to improve the quality of your life significantly. Are you struggling with a serious illness? Do you feel a lack of energy and vitality? Would you like a chance to experience true relaxation and peace even in the midst of our chaotic world?

The Dharma Book: Heal Yourself & Others Through Meditation is a depository of ancient mystic practices that have been hidden away for over a millennium. These treasures are the wisdom of Enlightened Masters of the East: Balance Weight, Beauty Yoga, Calcium Enrichment, Diabetes Self-Healing, Heal Yourself of Various Illnesses, Relieve Fatigue, Wisdom Eye Opener, the Heart Sutra Practice, Medicine Buddha Prolong Life, and more.The Dharma Book: Heal Yourself & Others Through Meditation contains the meditation that resonates with you. Practice one consistently for 100 days, and you will experience a positive and profound change in your emotional and physical well-being. Grab this opportunity to heal yourself, to cause your body’s natural health to regenerate, and your natural clarity and vitality to return.The Dharma Book: Heal Yourself & Others Through Meditation is the first, long awaited comprehensive book in English of the Chinese Esoteric School. These mystic practices involve mantra, mudra and visualization. The book contains different levels of cultivation for self-realization and for the development of spiritual power.

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