Advanced Abhisheka-Empowered Workshop

Yellow Jambhala Wealth & Prosperity Dharma

“Lord of Abundance & Ask-for-Wealth”

Yellow Jambhala extinguishes the obstacle of poverty and generates abundance. Jambhala practice can help a practitioner to attain material wealth, but the real wealth is merit, virtue, spiritual attainment, wisdom, and accomplishment of siddhis.

In this workshop, you will receive an Abhisheka Empowerment (pouring of holy water on your crown) which will enable you to successfully practice the Yellow Jambhala and Ask-For-Wealth Dharmas. This very powerful ritual wealth Dharma practice includes learning the Sanskrit version of wealth mantras, along with the accompanying mudras (hand gestures) and visualizations.

You will learn to purify karmic obstacles that cause lack of abundance and to generate wealth, prosperity, and success in all your endeavors. You will also learn to set up an altar to create an empowered sacred practice space, or mandala, in your own home.

‘Embodiment of the precious treasure of prosperity, Lord of the wealth of the yakshas, Protector of the northern direction, Jambhala. Homage and praise to the giver of supreme siddhi. The precious use of wish fulfilling jems, Fulfills the hopes of all beings. Without effort or exertion, May all their wishes be realized.’ —Tibetan praise to Jambhala

2-day Workshop

Open to the public. No prerequisite.

Also known as Dzambhala, Dzambala,

Zambala, or Jambala.

Living Buddha Dechan Jueren

Excerpt from transcripts, 2003

“Poverty is what is considered an evil obstacle. If someone has nothing to eat and can’t even survive he won’t have energy to practice dharma.”

“…to increase prosperity is the first guardian dharma.”

“First you must resolve the problems of your existence before you can resolve the issues of your heart and mind. This is very logical and practical.”

“Even though this is wealth dharma this does not mean you can pick up golden bills off the ground. Once you practice well your life changes, the path to wealth opens up, and there will be fewer obstacles in your career. You’ll feel less stressed. When doing business you will be focused… How can you reach that stage where you will have a successful career and wealth? First you must practice the right virtue. Only the one with the right virtue can carry all this luck.”
Head Dharma Teacher

Dan Kendall: Abbot of the Dari Rulai Temple in Los Angeles

Public Teaching Schedule of Vajra Acharya Dan Kendall is available  here, he is constantly traveling to visit his disciples so check with your local Hanmi contact